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My Account

Accessing Your Account Details #

When you are logged in you can access your account details from the My Profile menu item at the top of the page.

My Account
Main Menu

Account Dashboard Menu #

From the Account Dashboard menu on the left of the page you can access the various sections of your account details.

Account Dashboard
My Account Dashboard Menu

Account Details #

From the Account Details section you can:

  • Edit your First and Last Names.
  • Change your Display Name – (your name as it appears across our website).
  • Change your registered email address.
  • Change change your password.

Payment Methods #

If you saved the payment method when you subscribed to Behind Rainbows, you can change those details here.

Downloads #

Any downloads you have purchased can be accessed here.

Subscriptions #

To access details of your current subscription with Behind Rainbows click or tap Subscriptions in the Account Dashboard menu

Orders #

List all of your orders placed with Behind Rainbows by clicking or tapping on Orders in the Account Dashboard.

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