Group Manager Licence

Create & Manage Student Groups

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With a Group Manager Subscription, Group Leaders can create groups of students automatically enrolled on a course. The group leader can add/remove students in the group and can track their course progress.

The reporting functionality gives the Group Manager data to help them identify weaker students. Group Managers can focus on students who are lagging behind and aren’t completing the course as expected.

Group Reports Graphic
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The Group Manager can re-invite students who have been removed, forgotten passwords, or have been away from the course for a long time. They can send the invitation via an email containing the user/ group/course details including a ‘Reset Password’ link.

Multiple students can be registered to a course using a CSV file, saving the time and effort of having to enter student information one at a time and reducing the chances of error.

CSV Upload of Students Graphic
Group Leader Creation Graphic

The Group Manager can optionally take on the role of Course Instructor. They can create bespoke courses using our existing content and communicate directly with their students to assist and answer any queries.

Annual Subscription

Simple subscription plans based on organisation size.

Unlimited Course Access

Access to all existing and new courses during the subscription lifetime.

Group Discussion

Access to group chat & discussion forum as well as general course  forum.

Bespoke Content

Create bespoke course content from our existing  modules & lessons.

Content Scheduling

Drip-feed & restrict course content. Schedule course dates & times.

Create Your Group Now

If you have up to 500 learners and you’re ready to create your learning group you can start now.  It only takes a couple of minutes.

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